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James Horvath Ministries Presents:

W4J Banquet

September 14th @ 6 PM

This years focus

Bahamas 4 Jesus

W4J is exploding in the Bahamas

Throughout this entire year of 2018, the Bahamas has developed great excitement over the vision that has been cast for the international Crusades happening this November. More specifically

NOVEMBER 11th - 18th

The W4J Team has been traveling around the 700 islands that the Bahamas consist of and networking with hungry ministries to develop a coherent plan to spread the gospel across the nation. James Horvath is hosting a banquet to raise funds to organize the many things that make a national crusade a success. An important factor in the W4J National Crusades is having massive venues to hold the meetings in, this is an expensive thing to pull of, but God has provided the funding for the many events that have been held over the 25 years that JHM has been doing these projects.

Banquet details

Doors will open at 6:00 PM, food will begin to be served around 6:30  PM and the agenda will start at 7:00 PM.

Dr. James Horvath and Dr. Dave Burrows with both be speaking.

The address is 14409 E Hemstock Rd., Rochelle, Il 61068. If you have any questions you can call ahead at 815.562.7701

Do you have a large party you want to invited? You host a table at the event 

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Unable to Attend?


If you interested in being involved with the Banquet, but are unable to attend you can still be involved!


Dr. James Horvath still wants to be able to explain the vision for this Banquet to you. He has created a video explaining what World 4 Jesus is all about and how you can be involved in a incredible project that is transforming how people can unite and ultimately strengthen each other.


Pledge this amount will help fund the Venue of Nassau in a large way.


A donation of this size will cover electricity and municipal bills

for an entire day


this donation will cover promotional fees to get the news of the outreach on radios and etc.


A donation of this size will help cover expenses like children's gifts and sound teams


A donation of this size will help cover overhead expenses like toiletries, water, and more. 

Specific Amount

Give a specific amount that the Lord put on your hear