We are a nonprofit faith-based organization that focuses on uniting leaders, communities, and churches through apostolic partnerships across the globe. We are "bridge builders." We build cross-functional apostolic relationships with leaders, communities, and churches, regardless of their background and denomination. We desire to see the world united through the work of Jesus Christ.


To date, we have reached over 25 nations and continue to see the partnerships we have worked to establish flourish. In 2015, we did the unthinkable! We conducted the largest programs in the history of our organization. We partnered with over 50 ministries to minister to the nation of the Philippines (www.philippines4jesus.com). This program was collectively known as P4J (Philippines4Jesus). The results were astonishing. More than 50,000 people attended the meetings we put together in Manila. The following week, our partnering ministries individually took responsibility of ministering to a city of their choice. More than 25 major cities across the Philippines, from north to south, were reached. Since this has taken place, we have been receiving requests across the globe to conduct similar programs. To date, we have received invitations from Ireland, Ghana, the Bahamas, Israel, and many more. 




JHM was officially birthed as a 501(c)3 organization in 1992 and is the international extension of Dr. Horvath's ministry. This ministry has extended to many nations not limited to but including: South Korea, New Zealand, Bahamas, Brussels, Switzerland, Holland, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, England, Israel, Jamaica, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameron, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States. For the last 25 years, JHM (James Horvath Ministries) has been focused on doing work primarily in the Philippines.


JHM has held provincialwide meetings averaging 30,000 in total attendance, children and youth outreach events, and leadership training meetings (SOMRs) in 55 cities within the Philippines. JHM has worked with major public leaders, nearly 20,000 denominations and para-church ministries, and more than 32,000 churches. To date, JHM has led over 1 million souls to Christ!

P4J- PHILIPPINES4JESUS (See www.philippines4jesus.com)

What took place in the Philippines became known as the P4J campaign, culminating in a 12-day window which brought together the majority of all the leaders from accross the nation. Over 32,000 churches and community organizations nationwide were involved with outreach within the 12 major suburbs of Manila. Following the first week, another 12 major provincial cities across the nation of the Philippines were reached. This could only have bee done through the partnerships we were blessed with, as partnerships are catalyst to what we do.   


During the P4J campaign, it became very apparent that a new pattern was emerging. There were more than 250 people from 50 different ministries from around the world that came to the Philippines to work together. Partnerships were forming that had never been forged before. Both locally and internationally, organizations that would have never "sat at the same table" were working together!  They worked together to hold P4Jmeetings, children and youth outreach activities, and leadership training. Supernatural partnerships emerged to see an entire nation forever changed. 


Six months after the P4J project, JHM was honored to be invited back to Manila to The Activate Conference where P4J leaders from across the nation gathered. The conference was three days of intense equipping of the national leaders to build on the work of Philippines4Jesus. There were more than 7,000 that attended these meetings. 

Today, reports continue to come in from the Philippines that reveal the partnerships and the work burn strong. Multiple reports have come in from organizations, that participated in the P4J project, stating they have doubled or tripled in size. 

It should also be noted that partnerships between JHM teams and their Filipino counterparts have continued to develop. Organizations are either traveling to or from the Philippines to host one another on  worldwide platforms. Additionally, there is at least one major team coming from Manila to Belfast to participate in the I4J (Ireland4Jesus) Nationwide Outreach in June of 2017.


I4J- IRELAND4JEUS BORN OUT OF P4J (See www.ireland4jesus.com)


One of the teams that came to the Philippines for the November 2015 P4J nationwide campaign was from Ireland! Several major Irish leaders were keynote speakers in the first week of campaigns across the City of Manila. The second week, a team of 50 Irish arrived in the City of Batangas where they held P4J meeting for five days. By January 2016, the word spread accross Ireland. I4J (Ireland4Jesus) was born​!


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